Zenith, Spindrift racing, Spi Ouest-France Intermarché

The hard work throughout this winter on the Diam 24s, followed by four days of intense racing against aggressive has been rewarded with a resounding victory in the Spi Ouest-France Intermarché. Spindrift White, steered successively by François Morvan and Xavier Revil, finished on the top step of the podium, while Yann Guichard’s Spindrift Black finished sixth.

Spindrift White produced a consistent performance, winning four of the twelve races and finishing on the podium in another four; Spindrift Black was also solid, with four podium finishes. Sharing his delight, Yann Guichard has said that the result is encouraging and confirms that the team’s strategy is on track. “This was a very positive first race for Spindrift racing,” said Yann. “We wanted to test ourselves against our rivals and show that we would be a force to be reckoned with in our first season on the Diam 24 circuit. We sailed well from start to finish, and are delighted to secure this magnificent victory. Our team spirit is excellent. Both of our crews have performed well this weekend and are working together in a very constructive manner. Everyone is pushing each other, and I’m proud of the group that we’ve put together for the Diam 24 season. That said, we must not rest on our laurels – it was extremely tight at the top of the final standings. We need to keep working hard to stay on top form throughout the season, especially during the Tour de France à la Voile, where three of us will be taking turns at the helm: François, Xavier and me.”


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