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UK Legendary Story Of Giorgia Mondani And Rolex Fake Watches

Giorgia Mondani from Italy can be said the woman who know Rolex best in the world. Especially her father could be the famous Rolex expert. I t is rare to see that a woman can be more intereted and crazy than men on watches. Her collective Rolex fake watches with self-winding movements are quite expensive. And some of them are difficult to see in the market.

Her story with Rolex can be tracked back to long times ago. Her father has a great effect on her. At that time, technology and internet are not so developed so fast. People cannot know the relevant information from the website. In addition, there is a little books to recommend Rolex copy watches for sale. So her father Guido Mondani opened a magazine to research on Rolex.


Then it is not hard to imagine that her young life began with watches. Even her first watch was luxury Rolex Oyster Pepetual replica watch with steel cases for ladies. Then with times go, she collected a lot of valuable watches. Her love on Rolex watches is closely linked to her father.

In addition, her favorite type should be Rolex Day-Date fake watches with green dials. She and her husband like green very much, so when they are in marriage, everything is green. The golden cases Day-Date watch was presented by her father which quite catered to her fancy.

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