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The black-dial 1:1 fake Omega Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch

First of all, a very happy Sunday to all of you. It’s nice to be back in the ring for one of our Sunday Morning Showdowns! When the question went out to the team asking who was interested in taking a side in the black/white perfect replica Omega Moonwatch contest, I quickly raised my hand. Surprisingly, though, the sole condition for my participation was the ability to support Team Black. Why is that so surprising? Well, if you’ve listened to any Fratello On Air episodes, you’d know that one of my recurring wishes has been for a serial-production white-dial luxury fake Omega Speedmaster Professional. Well, as they say here in Old Blighty, “bish bash bosh,” or “Bob’s your uncle.” In other words, case closed. Well, not so fast.

The white Speedy is not for me
When it comes to high end copy watches, I’ll quote one of my favorite bands, Depeche Mode, by saying, “Everything Counts in Large Amounts.” It’s here that the white Speedy falters for me. The idea of a white Speedmaster Professional is intoxicating, but the fact that aaa quality replica Omega is only offering it as a sapphire sandwich falls flat — erm, glossy — with me. It’s too damn luxe, and while I get that a sapphire crystal is the way to go from a marketing perspective, why not also offer Hesalite? But hey, I own a couple of Speedies with sapphire crystals, and to be fair, they’re nice enough.

So, the crystal annoys me, but I can see past that (I’m on a roll today). The dial on the white Speedy pushes me over the edge. I’ve seen more than my share of pictures in different lights and even copped a view here in the local AD. My main issue with the white Swiss movement copy Omega Moonwatch is its glossy dial. I had my heart set on a matte version with printed black Super-LumiNova (it’s been done on the Dark Side of the Moon ref. 311. Instead, we have a more luxurious version of the high quality fake Omega Speedmaster Professional with applied indices and a fancy-pants dial. Oh, and lest I forget, there’s the red “Speedmaster” wording. Again, I understand the desire to zoot up this new Speedy to take on fancier competition, but it’s not my type of Moonwatch. I’m full of adages today, and, folks, when I see the newest Speedy, I’d say that’s not how we play cricket.

Why the black Speedmaster rules them all
We don’t need to argue that 99% of us no longer use our tool replica watches online for anything other than telling the time. Still, there’s something special about a watch that blends a great story with a wonderfully functional design. While now thoroughly modern, the black-dial top quality replica Omega Speedy Pro is about as analog as it gets today. And frankly, I love it. Its printed matte dial, white detailing, and acrylic crystal combine to form perfection. When I say it like that, perhaps the image of a semi-rough-and-ready Moonwatch is so imprinted on my brain that the white version never had a fighting chance in the battle for Swiss movement fake Omega Speedmaster supremacy. Plus, let’s address the elephant in the room. This is the Moonwatch.

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