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Spot A Fake Rolex UK Like An Expert

Counterfeit watches, especially Rolex replica watches online uk, are more sophisticated than they’ve ever been, and spotting one requires a meticulously trained eye. From the bracelet to the box itself, fakes are often barely discernible from the real thing. These essential tips from our trained experts will help ensure the perfect fake Rolex you buy is genuine.

Crystals, dials and bezels
You don’t always have to dismantle a luxury super clone Rolex and inspect the movement under a loupe to detect a fake. Sometimes the dial of a watch can raise a few red flags.

Any lettering should be crisp and ever-so-slightly raised. There should be no signs of smudging or “bleeding” on the typeface. The same goes for the markers, which should also be in alignment. For example, the triangular hour marker on a cheap fake Rolex Submariner’s dial should sit directly beneath the lume dot on the bezel when it’s at the 12 o’clock position.

The five-pointed crown logo should also be crisp, and gleam from hand-polishing, with factory-polished fakes tending to appear lifeless and dull in comparison.

AAA quality Rolex replica watches UK featuring a date function have—with very few exceptions—the signature “Cyclops” lens to magnify the date window beneath it. The correct magnification is x2.5, which is tricky for counterfeiters to get exactly right. Make sure the date is clear, bold and fills the lens. Another thing to check on modern Rolex super clone watches for sale is the barely noticeable crown logo micro-etched into the crystal at the 6 o’clock position.

With mono-coloured high quality fake Rolex Submariners (e.g., all-green and all-blue models), the dial and bezel should match in shade, not just in colour. Be wary of discrepancies.

And then there’s the luminescent material on the markers and hands. In 2008, high quality fake Rolex began using its very own Chromalight which gives off a distinctive electric-blue glow, as opposed to the green glow of the previously used SuperLuminova and older Luminova.

Given that Chromalight is a proprietary substance used exclusively by high quality copy Rolex, the lume on any fake will almost certainly be of an inferior quality, even if it manages to match the exact blue hue of a genuine Rolex. Test it out if you can by charging it—with natural or artificial light—and make sure the glow doesn’t fade after a few minutes as a Chromalight’s glow should last several hours before needing to be recharged.

Vintage fake watches Paypal UK, on the other hand, will have little or no glow at all and the tritium-based paint used for the markers would have developed a slight brown or cream patina. Make sure the lume colour is appropriate to the age of the watch and that the lume on the hands and markers match up.

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