With over 40% foreign students and awards from all over the world, the Geneva University of Art and Design has for a number of years been the best in its field in Europe. Its director, Jean-Pierre Greff, now adds a new string to its bow. Alongside the visual arts, cinema, interior design, visual communication and fashion, the Jewellery and Accessory Design course now adds a new specialisation in Rolex replica watches design.

Around 20 of the students who pass the entrance exams in April will start this new Bachelor course in September 2015. They will learn about watchmaking (history, conception, production), technical development (3D representation and animation, ergonomics, materials, finishing and technical innovation), creation and design (1:1 scale models), as well as the watch market (marketing, prices and positioning, strategy, trends and fashion). Armed with the qualification, young students interested in design and watchmaking will be able to apply for jobs as designers at a design agency or a watch brand, take up a position in cheap replica watches UK marketing and perhaps ultimately be responsible for creation or product development strategy at a watch or jewellery brand. Or decide to go freelance.


César Maillet Contin, Time Device.

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Renowned for its healthy mix of theoretical study and real-life projects carried out within companies, the HEAD puts its students into contact with around 100 teachers and other leaders across all fields. The head of the watchmaking chair, Marco Borraccino (himself a designer, replica watches UK design and luxury products teacher) aims to allow his future graduates to benefit from the experience of CEOs such as Max Büsser (MB&F) and Manuel Emch (Romain Jerome), movement designer Jean-Marc Wiederrecht, Rolex replica watches designer Eric Giroud, specialist journalist Timm Delfs, as well as the director of the Geneva Watchmaking Grand Prix (GPHG), Carine Maillard. For the past three years, students at the HEAD have added a spectacular touch to the awards ceremony of the GPHG. Brands as varied as Alfex, Romain Jerome and Piaget have already assigned them specific projects. The designers of tomorrow can sign up as of next month.