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Mojdeh Cutter Discovers The Joys Of Collecting High Quality UK Replica Watches

Despite growing up wearing Flik Flaks and having a horology-crazed father and brother, Mojdeh Cutter developed a passion for best UK replica watches only about a year ago, when she became managing director of TimeForArt – the platform is behind a charity auction that partners with watchmaking brands to raise money to enable and support emerging artists. All proceeds go to the Swiss Institute, a nonprofit contemporary art museum located in New York City that promotes upcoming talent. The first auction kicks off in December.

“Watchmaking was not something I actively pursued until this TimeforArt chapter of my life,” says Cutter, who has worked in fundraising for the Swiss Institute for the past five years. “But perfect fake watches have definitely been there the whole time, looming in the background.” Now, thanks to her job – plus some subconscious horological encounters in her youth – she has officially been bitten by the horological bug.

Over the past year, Cutter, 29, has immersed herself in the industry, which has ignited her passion for horology – or, rather, reignited it. “I’m rediscovering, developing – and redeveloping – this passion that had almost been waiting for me, but which I had been ignoring,” she says. “It’s very niche, but once you get into it, oh my God, you see top replica watches everywhere. You become obsessed – you go onto the subway and start looking at people’s watches.”

She’s also started collecting, as you can see below. And next, she’s eyeing either a gold Cartier Panthère or Tank, as a 30th birthday gift to herself. “It feels more justified now that I’m working in this field,” she says. “Growing up, luxury Cartier copy watches was always a sign of being a woman.” Read on to see the building blocks of her collection.

Replica Rolex Datejust Watches (2020)

This was a gift from her father, who has always viewed Swiss made super clone watches as sentimental items that marked important milestones – so it made complete sense when he gifted Cutter and her fiancé a pair of matching replica Rolex Datejust watches for sale for their wedding. Hers has a pink dial and Roman numerals, his a black dial and baguette indexes.

The couple were married during COVID, over Zoom – which made the gift of a mechanical watch feel all the more poignant. “We never had a party or proper celebration,” she says. “So these watches feel extra special. It feels like something to really cherish and remember.”

Today, the DJ is the watch that Cutter wears the most – for work but also as his-and-hers, and the couple frequently wear the cheap fake watches in tandem. “We went to Rolex together to tighten the bracelets,” Cutter says. “It’s very much our wedding watch. It’s like a love story and very sentimental.”

Fake Cartier Trinity Watches (1990s)

“This definitely was my first watch crush,” says Cutter of the Trinity Cartier replica watches wholesale online set with a swirling bezel of yellow, rose, and diamond-set white gold. She recently inherited the watch from her mother, who faithfully wears an Omega Constellation every day. (“It’s the only watch she wears because it’s comfortable.”) The Cartier was always kept in the safe for when, says Cutter, “I was an adult.”

Each time her mother opened the safe, Cutter would peer inside and covet the Cartier. “I would be there with her looking at every single piece. And this was the one I always wanted to see.”

The watch has a clean satin dial with no numerals, matched to a simple burgundy strap, which is what drew Cutter to the design. It contrasted with the bulkier, steel-bracelet fake watches paypal worn by her father and brother: “It’s so delicate and small. The scale made sense to me and felt approachable.” Despite having diamonds, the leather adds an understated, casual touch. “As an object, I find it so beautiful and elegant.”

Now the official owner of the AAA replica watches, Cutter at first felt that this “fancy watch” was suitable only for special events like an evening gala. “But actually I wear it pretty often,” she says. “Maybe more than I should.”

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