Alain Zimmermann, CEO Baume & Mercier:

Turn our clients’ dreams into reality, mark the celebratory moments that punctuate the year with intense experiences. For Baume & Mercier, time is studded with these very powerful, rare moments and we hope to immortalise them through our cheap replica watches.

Carlos Rosillo, CEO Bell & Ross:

Enormous success to our new BR-X1 line that we have just launched, and that 2015 will be even more prosperous than 2014!

Christophe Claret, CEO Manufacture Christophe Claret:

What we would like more than anything in 2015 is for the economic climate to improve!

Pierre Jacques, CEO De Bethune:

The consolidation of our verticalization strategy showcased in our latest creations, which I hope will win as many prizes as this year!

Marc A. Hayek, CEO Breguet, Blancpain and Jaquet Droz:

2015 is filled with the promise of innovations for Breguet, Blancpain and Jaquet Droz. Our watchword remains a determination to push the boundaries of watchmaking construction while reconciling aesthetic elegance with mechanical constraints. For this New Year, we hope to once again satisfy the most extreme requirements of fans of prestige timepieces, by innovating according to our traditions, and continuing to keep the dream alive.

Marc A. Hayek

Marc A. Hayek, CEO Breguet, Blancpain and Jaquet Droz.
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Sascha Moeri, CEO Carl F. Bucherer:

2015 will continue to be exciting for Carl F. Bucherer. Again, grand complications will be introduced and the success of our collections continued. We successfully launched the Pathos in 2014, a new collection dedicated to the ladies. Also the Patravi ScubaTec, our diver’s watch, was a great success. In 2015, we will see new additions to these lines and at Baselworld we will present yet another new brand collaboration combined with products. So, you see, Carl F. Bucherer is looking forward to another remarkable year.

Jessica R. Walther, Managing Director DeLaneau:

Outstanding women who fall in love with the art of made-to-measure “Grand Feu” enamel replica watches UK from DeLaneau.

Viviane de Witt, CEO DeWitt:

Health, happiness and success naturally, for all those we love including all the staff at DeWitt Haute Horlogerie.

Barbara Monti, CEO Eberhard & Co.:

May 2015 be a year of strong consolidation for traditional Swiss watchmaking and may the most demanding consumers continue to reward Eberhard & Co. for choosing to remain independent and to pursue its research.

Barbara Monti

Barbara Monti, CEO, Eberhard & Co.
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Samir Merdanovic, CEO Eterna:

Good health to my staff and no more new conflicts and disasters on the planet.

Stephen Forsey, co-founder of Greubel-Forsey:

We will continue our adventure of pushing the boundaries of what is possible, upholding and preserving the know-how and traditions of fine best Rolex replica watchmaking and sharing, both with and through our teams, our values and our timepieces with collectors and aficionados.

Stephen Forsey

Stephen Forsey, Cofondateur de Greubel Forsey.
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Akram Aljord, CEO d’Hysek:

Health, so that we can continue Hysek’s ambitious projects with the same passion. 2015 will mark the tenth anniversary of the Abyss collection and will see the unveiling of some amazing reinterpretations of the tourbillon movement.

Vincent Perriard, CEO HYT Swiss Replica Watches:

An insane year for HYT with the launch of a major watchmaking project every quarter… along with the continuation of the brand’s development abroad with its first boutique… and all this within the complex environment that Swiss watchmaking is probably going to have to cope with over the next 12 to 18 months…

Vincent Perriard

Vincent Perriard, CEO HYT Watches.
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Bruno Grande, Managing Director Jeanrichard:

What we wish for in 2015? Time and good health!

Jean-Marie Schaller, CEO Louis Moinet:

What more could we wish for than the privilege of bringing matter to life, and sharing these works of art with all our good friends across the world? One thing in particular: peace, joy and happiness to everyone on Planet Earth.

Alexander Schmiedt, Managing Director Horlogerie Montblanc:

I hope we see more and more people who are passionate about fine watchmaking all around the world. That they continue to challenge us even more to surprise them with our products – because this is the best basis for a bright future.

Nicolas Sestito, COO Ralph Lauren Watch & Jewelry Co.:

A year filled with inspiration, daring, great projects and happy moments with our families and friends. That we may be blessed with the health and energy required to achieve our dreams.

Kurt Kupper, CEO Reuge:

I hope that in 2015 the true art of making musical boxes and mechanical singing birds will continue to be appreciated by both companies and the public.

Richard Mille, CEO Richard Mille:

2015 will be the year… of women. We are continuing the development of the feminine range which was started in 2014. Loads of surprises to come!

Olivier R. Müller, General Manager Montres Leroy:

May 2015 be the year of the revival of a sleeping beauty from a prestigious past named Leroy. Next year will see the rebirth of an age-old Maison which will connect with its origins as a chronometer Manufacture.

Edouard Meylan, CEO H. Moser & Cie:

Break even! We have been working hard for more than two years. Today it is within our grasp. That will be a highly satisfying moment for our manufacture.

Edouard Meylan

Edouard Meylan, CEO, H. Moser & Cie.
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Jean-Marc Pontroué, CEO Roger Dubuis:

2015 will be a significant year for Roger Dubuis! We are celebrating the brand’s 20th anniversary all over the world and through 20 exclusive, intimate dinners with clients and partners of the brand who have always supported us. For the occasion, we will present them with an exceptional piece: the Hommage Minute Repeater Tourbillon Automatic, which is naturally limited to just 20 pieces. From the SIHH onwards, we will also celebrate “the year of the skeleton” to reaffirm our status as a pioneer and virtuoso in the art of making contemporary skeleton calibres! So 2015 will be a year of celebration and affirmation! We sincerely trust it will be crowned with success!

Peter Speake-Marin, CEO Speake-Marin:

Every year is a new beginning as is every day; the year marks a full cycle completed and a new one beginning. For 2015 my hope is that I never forget that fact. Amid the Breitling replica watches, events and travels, the most important part of life is being aware that I am living it every day, and that it is a gift I often take for granted.

Dr. Renato A. Vanotti, CEO Vulcain:

Health and happiness to all our colleagues, so that we can experience a fresh burst of enjoyment and enthusiasm in taking a giant step forward towards achieving our vision for 2015.

Aldo Magada, CEO Zenith:

A year filled with emotions, marked by the celebration of the 150th anniversary of the Manufacture Zenith, which is more youthful and innovative than ever, and ready to present you with its best wishes for the coming 150 years!